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black sclera contact lenses

Want something better than the coloured contacts you see everywhere?

You have seen the lenses we are talking about: dollar signs, cat eyes, white contacts, etc.
They are all pretty common now and certainly don't draw the attention like they used to.

However, there is a new and better type of lenses that will get you back in the spotlight:

Black sclera contact lenses!

Also known as full black contact lenses, they are the ultimate party accessory. You will grab the attention everywhere you go, guaranteed!

Yes, we are cheap, but not by lowering standards:

  •    Prices are always per pair
  •    - Free priority shipping with online tracking
  •    - High quality lenses: FDA approved and CE certified
  •    - Lenses can be re-used and will last for up to a year with care
  •    - Every order comes with a free lens case fit for sclera lenses

Black sclera contacts are an essential accessory to create a convincing alien, demon or possessed look. This is the type of lens that is used in True Blood, Supernatural and Grimm, as well as countless alien and horror movies.

These full black contact lenses cover almost all of the white part of your eyes. No other coloured lens comes close to the look you can create with these. A must if you want to really stand out in the crowd!

All contacts on this site are of the highest quality. They are FDA approved, CE certified and the manufacturer complies to the ISO 9001 quality standard. These are the highest standards on the market today.

Due to this high quality you can use your sclera lenses for up to a year, if you wear them occasionally and clean them properly. For more information on cleaning your lenses take a look at our sclera lens care article.

As they can worn for up to a year it makes them perfect for use in movies, fotoshoots, theatrical plays, LARP and cosplay.

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All contacts are plano (zero power) and can be worn even if you have no prescription. The centre of the black sclera lens is clear, your vision will not change. So you can do everything you would normally do.

Every order includes free priority shipping with online tracking. All orders will be shipped the same day if ordered before 6pm (GMT).

EU/UK Customers:

Our competition is located overseas and your order often incurs high shipping costs, taxes, custom duties and it can take weeks to arrive.

However, we are located in The Netherlands and keep every sclera lens in stock. With our free priority shipping this means that you will have your sclera contact lenses in days. You will also avoid extra taxes or custom duties.

The price you see, is the price you pay.

Customers outside the EU/UK:

We ship to a large number of countries outside the EU, for example the US, Canada and Brazil. If your country is not listed please contact us at so we can customize your order.

Your order always includes free priority shipping with online tracking. The average delivery time is just 4 to 8 business days. Click here for shipping times to your location.

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Your eyes are safe, we only sell top quality sclera lenses. All our contact lenses are CE certified and FDA approved.

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